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 eFootball PES2020 Nesa24 Camera modules for sider
eFootball PES2020 Nesa24 Camera modules for sider

[Image: e-Football-PES2020.png]

hey guys,
so you know how every update of the game exe messes up some of the Sider modules? Cameras, in particular, are a good example of that. Because they modify very specific locations in memory, once the exe updates, those locations need to be updated too. Good news is that very often, there is no need to do that task manually: if a module is written in certain way, it can adapt to changes in the exe and automatically find those magical addresses (similar to how camera.lua module that is included in sider archive does it).

The reverse engineering work that @nesa24 did to find those addresses for Height, Zoom, Pitch, Angle, etc. for various cameras is extremely valuable and should be recognized as modding kung-fu of the highest order. It's pretty awesome, and you all should know it. In order for us to still benefit from his findings, even after the next "yaku" (Yet Another Konami Update), I re-wrote the Lua modules for the following cameras:

Common Camera - "Midrange","Long","Wide","Pitch (Field) Side", "Custom" (CommonCam.lua)
Penalty Kick Camera (Penalty_zh.lua)
Stadium Camera (StadiumCam.lua)
Vertical Camera (VerticalCam.lua)

New versions of these modules are now:

1. Adaptable. Meaning that they can work with any game exe - old, new, etc. Whenever Konami updates exe again, they will adapt to that too.
2. Safe. If the module cannot find the necessary locations in memory, it will report error on startup and disable itself. You will see information in sider.log on what went wrong, but there will be no crashes caused by writing into wrong places in memory.

All game research credit: @nesa24

Download: -Link:


How to install:
1. copy the modules folder into your sider folder. Replace old files with new, if Windows asks you about it.
2. modify your sider.ini. Make sure you have these lines in it:

Quote:lua.module = "lib\nesalib.lua"
lua.module = "CommonCam.lua"
lua.module = "Penalty_zh.lua"
lua.module = "StadiumCam.lua"
lua.module = "VerticalCam.lua"



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