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Programas | Tools
 PSXMemTool is a Memory Card tool for PSX saved game files
PSXMemTool is a Memory Card tool for PSX Saved Game Files

Here is a list of features:

   * Editing of Final Fantasy 8 save data (PSX and PC), many thanks to Cyberman.
   * Creation of blank memory card files. (Thanks to gamer-one).
   * Saving of memory card files in a number of supported formats.
   * Copying of saved games between either card.
   * Deletion and undeletion of saved games from either card.
   * Importing and exporting of single game saves.
   * Loading of ePSXe saved states to extract memory card contents.
   * Selection of all linked saved games to keep data integrity.
   * Hex-editing of saved games, viewable in hex and ascii.
   * Ability to change Country Code, Identifier and Product Code.
   * Ability to compare saved game files or other files.
   * Ability to compare saved game slots between either card.
   * Change detection to show where files changed since it was last saved.
   * Option to search through the memory card file for specific values.
   * Batch converting of memory card files to a number of supported formats.
   * Batch renaming of memory card files based on their contents.
   * Support for opening some PC saves so you can convert them to PSX saves.
   * Support for saving some PSX saves in PC format.
   * Ability to view icons in large format and edit them.
   * Automatic calculation of header XOR values.

PSXMemTool supports the following PSX file types:

   * Bleem! (*.mcd)
   * Connectix VGS (*.mem)
   * DataDeck (*.ddf)
   * DexDrive (*.gme)
   * ePSXe (*.mcr)
   * PSEmuPro (*.mcr)
   * PSXGameEdit (*.mc)
   * WinPSM (*.ps)
   * MCExplorer (*.mci)
   * SmartLink (*.psm)

PSXMemTool supports the following PC file types:

   * Final Fantasy 7 (save0?.ff7)
   * Final Fantasy 8 (save0?)
   * Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (*.sav) - may not be fully working
   * Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (*.sav) - may not be fully working

PSXMemTool also supports importing and exporting of the following single game save types:

   * Action Replay, GameShark, XPlorer (*.psx)
   * PSXGameEdit (*.mcs)
   * SmartLink (*.mcb)
   * Datel (*.mcx and *.pda)
   * Memory Juggler (*.ps1)

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