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This software allows the edition of different Renderware-based graphic formats. WEPictureDecoder supports the well-known TXD format found in e.g. Grand Thieft Auto series, as well as another special formats (.TXS,.FLG,.FNT, etc...) used in Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer games.
These files often contain multiple images, palettes, and even custom data sections.

With WEPictureDecoder you can manage those files, editing their images and/or palettes, with some advanced options designed to optimize the files.
Support is included for importing/exporting from/to BMP and PNG formats. Photoshop's ACT and Microsoft's PLT palette formats are also supported, as well as WEPictureDecoder's specific ALP alpha-data format.

This application is designed to work under Win32 platforms, and has been tested to work under all avalaible 32-bit Windows OSs.


Some of the pictures contained in the graphic files may only have palette data or only pixel data.
If this is the case, when working with those pictures, it must taken into account that:

  • - To display them, a default pixel data or a default grayscale palette will be used, respectively. You can use the palette functions to test any palette in such palette-less images.- Altough it may seem the picture images have been modified after using the input/output options, if you save the graphic file, obviously, that absent data won't be modified.
Take care about the fact that all images contained in a FLG file share the same color and alpha palettes. It also happens with images belonging to the other files types.


RLE encoded (packed) BMP files are NOT supported.

Please note, BMP specification does not allow alpha values on files other than 24bpp ones.
A hack has been made that allows reading the alpha information in BMPs saved with this app, but you'll lost that data when editing the image with other apps.
You can, however, use ALP (alpha palette) files to store/retrieve alpha channel for one image.


PNG specification only allows alpha values to be stored as part of the RGB pixel entries on 24bpp images.
As a consequence, as the game files are 8bpp and 4bpp the alpha values can only be saved on a tRNS entry (tag). If the software you use does not support those tags (unfortunately Photoshop doesn't), you'll loss that data.


Only those files that are originally compressed can be shorten using color reduction techniques.
Also, remember the color reduction also reduces the visual quality.

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