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 [XBOX 360] PES 2010 Libertadores V 8.2
ya baje el option file para xbox 360 y esta buenisimo el parche, se deberia de crear en el proximo lanzamiento, una comunidad en la edicion de juego de xbox 360 con esta liga que sta buenisima.



Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is an upcoming football video game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The game is being developed and published by Konami for release on Sony's PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable; Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Windows; Nintendo's Wii; and mobile phones. The game has a release date of 23 October 2009 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions are set to be released on 6 November 2009 while the Wii version will be released on 20 November 2009. The playable demo for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions was released on 17 September 2009. Lionel Messi will be a key endorsement player for PES 2010 by featuring throughout the promotion and development of the game. He is set to feature on the cover alongside Fernando Torres, another endorsement player.

- PES 2010 contains improved visuals, animations and moves, including live player expressions and movements that will change according to conditions on the field. Animations of dribbling and shots on goal, as well as individual skills, have all been reworked.
- Gameplay has been made more realistic to constantly test the player, requiring the player to have both strategic play and quick reactions, just like real life. This includes more versatile goalkeepers, greater control over penalties in terms of placing and accuracy, and intuitive zonal defending.
- There will be an enhanced online experience; a new developement team is solely dedicated to improving online play and other aspects such as downloadable content, more updates, and the ability make the game more bespoke.
- AI has been improved thanks to Teamvision 2.0. Now midfielders and defenders will work together, getting rid of soft goals and returning PES 2010 to its simulation roots. The player will also be able to move several players at once into any opening, resulting in a need for more strategic thinking. Referees have also been reworked to make more balanced calls during matches.
- PES 2010 introduces greater strategy control: every element, from pass frequency to width of play, can be altered, giving the player more control.
- The match-day atmosphere has been improved to give a better taste of home or away crowds, which will react spontaneously to all the action on the pitch.
- Master League has been enhanced. It has improved managerial aspects, resulting in an increased managerial career lifespan.
- 360-degree control is introduced, available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game via the analogue sticks on the respective controllers. The system will allow players to spread the ball with ease, opening up new attacking and defensive possibilities. PS3 owners will also benefit from this when using the DualShock's D-Pad, but the Xbox 360 and Wii D-Pads are limited to eight-directional control due to the hardware.

With an exclusive deal with UEFA, both the UEFA Champions League and, for the first time, the UEFA Europa League, will be fully licensed. The tournaments will be integrated into the Master League mode.


- The following leagues are partially licensed.
# Premier League - 2 teams licensed: Liverpool and Manchester United
# La Liga - 12 teams licensed: Athletic Bilbao, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Deportivo, Espanyol, Mallorca, Racing Santander, Real Madrid, Real Valladolid, Sevilla, Valencia and Villarreal.

- The following leagues are fully licensed.
# Serie A (Juventus, AC Milan, Internazionale, Roma, etc)
# Ligue 1
# Eredivisie

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