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[PS3] DFL OptionFile 2010 - hernanbustamante - 12-29-2009

[COLOR="red"][SIZE="5"]DFL Optionfile 2010[/SIZE][/COLOR]
High Quality OptionFile
[Image: PES2010_gc_GERvsBRA.jpg]
This only works with European Version of PES 2010 BLES 00689

So, just a little intro.
it's me again, same as every year:
A new pes, an new Optionfile by Cristiano, also the same: Bundesliga!
I made everything licensed/original, every Emblem, Kit and Player.
The whole 18 teams of bundesliga are in it, and playable for Master League.
That's it.

DFL 0F 2010 V0.9 ADD-ON (For those who had 0.8 before) [@zSHARE]
DFL 0F 2010 V0.8 FULL[@zSHARE]
DFL 0F 2010 V0.9 Facepack [@zSHARE]

-shu(his beta2)