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[PS2] naruto's World Clubs OF (V.2 OUT NOW) - we11world - 12-17-2007

[PS2] naruto's World Clubs OF (V.2 OUT NOW)

[Image: backgroundV2.jpg]

This file contians teams form the J-League, K-League, MLS and South American Leagues. Future versions will contain more Non-European teams (maybe one day the entire J-League

Version 2 contains:

2 New MLS Teams:
• Houston Dynamo
• DC United

3 New Brazilian Teams:
• Corinthians
• Gremio
• Santos

New Mexican Team:
• Club Deportivo Guadalajara (Chivas)

All Classic Players removed
• Classic Teams replaced by U-21 squads
• Classics in Shop also replaced
• Makes ML bug irrelevant

200+ new players created and added to the Unattached Players
• Coca Cola Championship players
• Players from NIG European Clubs
• Rising stars

Updated Boots and Growth rates of J-League, K-League and MLS Players

There are now 16 Non-European clubs – Enough to complete a division in the ML

Version 1 includes:

- 3 J League Teams
- Urawa Red Diamonds (Fully Completed)
- Kashima Antlers (Fully Completed)
- Shimizu S-Pulse (Work in Progress)

- 2 K League teams
- Seoengnam Ilwha Chunma (Fully Completed)
- Pohang Steelers (Fully Completed)

- All other C-League team slots filled
- English Premiership updated (still some missing GK kits, player stats have been tweaked)
- Some rising stars added to Unattached Players (Lulinha, Nicholas Millan, Park Chu Young etc.)
- All names and commentary names correct

Latest version here:

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Italian / Portugese Version
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Thanks / Credit to:

Monkeytastic (for the J-League player stats)
Dragonskin (for the PESFANV1 file)
Badmanedge (for the use of some of the other C teams)
Big Boss (for the use of his Bundesliga teams)
Jamborrossi (for the use of his SPL teams)
saintric (for the use of his Gremio and Santos)
THE GERMAN BR (for the sue of his Corinthians)
Spaniardo (for some of the logos / emblems)
Red-town (for some of the logos / emblems)
Compulsion (for the PES2008 Editor)
Ortegaz (for the FM stats convertor)
Babyboy (for converting some stats)

NB: This file is a work in progress.

All comments/feedback/bugs/fixes welcomed