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 ISS Delux Editor snes
ISS Delux Editor snes
[Image: fecic1.jpg]


The first version of FECIC NAMES is ready. This version run in D.O.S and it allow us to change players' names in the game International Super Starstar Soccer Deluxe for SNES. The players' names consist of 8 characters. The program recognizes periods and upper case as well as lower case.

How to use it:
*Use arrows to move the cursor throughout the teams. Choose the team pressing Enter.
*Choose the player using Enter too. It will appear a place in which you can write, if you didn't want to modify the name, just press Enter again without writing anything, and no change will be done.
*Try to center the name, using spaces at the begining. E.g __Leo___.  "_" is representing the space.
*To return to a previous screen press ESC.
*When you are in the main menu, you should press the button "G" to save all the changes you have made, on the contrary, you will lose all the changes you did so far.


FECIC COLORS -no BETA- is ready. This is the first full version and it is fixed compared to BETA 2.

What is fixed?

1.The picture showing the colors modifed colors that were wrong being modified (as hair and the edges of the picture). Thes eshouldn't have to be modified. [FIXED]

2.The image unnesessary content [fans] hindered the edition. [FIXED]

3.Some bugs that were found when passing thorughout the tems (specifically in the socks edition) [FIXED]

What is new?

*The Version number 1 provides us the oportunity to edit players' skin, hair and shoes' color. But the skin color 1 in each team is the one we can modify (In Italy the ones who has brown hair.)
However, the skin color 2 (in Italy the ones who has white hair,) can't be edited.  Instead of this, you will find an extra skin color 1. Yes! in the second uniform there is ANOTHER skin color 1, this will be used just when the team uses the second uniform.

An importan detail to take into account:
    The shoes' color. This color represents the darkest color in the player, so it will change some shadows in the player also. Hence, editing this color, we will se some changes in the skin and the clothes too. Fortunately they are visible in the editor.

[Image: fecicc2.bmp]

If you have a no-hacked version of ISSD, you will be able to rename the rom. For example, ISSD.smc to FECIC.1, so you will be able to edit it succesfully. Then to run the game you can rename it again to ISSD.Smc to run it in the emulator.
    The editor won't work with full hacked versions as the ones which TEG Brasil makes.

    The background's color self-adjust to your windows desktop's color.

Any doubt? go to he Contact section to send your consultation.

[Image: feciccol.jpg]


There have came the chance to edit goalkeeper's colors. Its pallettes were different, so it was necessary to create a new program.
    This program, as well as FECIC COLORS, give us the chance to edit goalkeeper's skin, uniform and hair color.

    The shorts' and shoes' color  represents the darkest color in the player. So, it will modified more things of him, including its shirt number and some shadows in the face and shirt.
    [Image: fecic_p.bmp]

Download: Desde este ISS Delux Editor SNES

Quote:Winning Eleven
En 1996, tras el éxito International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, Konami decidió crear otro título de fútbol pero no con la misma gente, así se le entregó el trabajo a Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo quienes Crearon: World Soccer Winning Eleven, conocido como Goal Storm en Europa y Norteamérica.  El mismo dio comienzo a una saga completamente ajena a International Superstar Soccer, a pesar de que varios de los títulos de la nueva franquicia llevan los mismos nombres que ésta.

Al año siguiente salió a la venta Winning Eleven 97 (llamado International Superstar Soccer Pro en Europa y Goal Storm 97 en Norteamérica. La saga continuó con Winning Eleven 3 y Winning Eleven 4 ( llamados en el resto del mundo como International Superstar Soccer Pro 98 y International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution, respectivamente ). En marzo de 2001, antes de la aparición de la quinta edición de Winning Eleven, salió a la venta International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution 2, siendo éste la segunda parte de ISS Pro Evolution (en Japón, World Soccer Jikkyou Winning Eleven 2000: U-23 Medal Heno Chousen) y el último Winning Eleven conocido como ISS fuera del país asiático, ya que en octubre del mismo año se lanzó Winning Eleven 5 para PlayStation 2, que sería titulado en Europa como Pro Evolution Soccer, iniciando una nueva franquicia que persiste hasta la fecha. Cabe destacar que Winning Eleven 2002 salió solamente en Japón y Europa para PlayStation, en el viejo continente seria conocido como Pro Evolution Soccer 2 y que seria el último título en dicho sistema.

Download: Desde este Post Attachment File

Winning Eleven 2002
[Image: winning-eleven-2002.png]

[Image: 51.jpg][Image: juventus.gif]
Winning Eleven & ProEvolutionSoccer & FIFA EA Sports |Option Files|
| We11World | Winning Eleven Games |

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