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 Winning Eleven 5 FE - English Patch
Winning Eleven 5 - Final Evolution
Rh4ps0dY English Patch v 1.0

release date: december 28 2001
version : 1.0

You can use this patch ONLY on a backup copy of the ORIGINAL cd of the game

This patch has reserved copyright, you have no permission to modify it or copy
some parts,neither distribute it or do a bad use, for example to make illegal copies etc.
If you want to publish the patch in your web sites you can do it only after you ask me.

Total translation of every (almost) word of the game from Japanese to English
100% Menus e sub-menus
100% Section "Edit Mode ", including captions
100% Player values and attribuites
100% Stadium names
100% Writings inside the match
100% Writings and captions of the "Formation Set"
100% Memory Card writings (load/save messages etc.)
100% Names of the players of the Nationals, Clubs and secret teams (from Konami Official Players and Teams Database)
100% Call Names of every player of the Nationals and Clubs
100% Trophies Gallery
  99% Master League section
  95% Various menu captions

For the usage and how to apply the patch read the file USAGE.txt that is included in the
same file .zip that contains this file .txt

Please contact me for possible problems,questions,advices etc. also only your opinion
will be welcome.


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jester  drinkingbuddies  dance3  dance3  git  Rolleyes  kaffee

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