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 Fernando's WE10 English Patch v3
Fernando's WE10 English Patch v3 (28/APR/06) ONLY FOR DVD

WHats new:
Fixed translation based on personal testing and evo's users feedback.
Lots of stuf. its 100% worth it.

Patch includes:
- Players and teams:
- Directly from JayZ tHe Great

-All Playable national teams 100% translate
-All club teams 100% translate
-Most of the "other" euro teams and Sao Paulo, River Plate & Boca Juniors have "real" names (Info taken from

You will have to delete you Option File for this news to work, sorry

JayZ ToDo List:

-Nippon mode national teams
-Hidden players
-Classic teams
-Int. Challenge teams

A few corrections and some argentinean players of WESHOP translated by me, fernando.

- Formation text (captain)
- Abilities
- Main Menu (thanks to Yogui)

Edit Mode: 98%
Int. Challenge: 99%
Random Challenge: 99%
Master League: 99%
Cup: 99%
League: 99%
Options: 99%
Match: 100%
Training: 95%
Nippon challenge: 99%
Stadiums & Leagues names: 100% (you will have to delete you Option File for this to work, sorry)

When i say 99% is because i could leave some help file, and really things that i think are not too important. Edit mode needs a few things but should be ok for the 99% of you guys.

Download ---> Fernando WE10 English Patch v3

Apply the ppf to an clean japanese image (4.442.357.760)

Always: Clean Jap iso -> Latest Fernando Patch

Higgs emblems: Clean Jap iso -> Latest Fernando Patch -> Higgs emblems

If you base in my translation, i ask you to include in your local translation an acknowledge
in the readme. Also, ask permission to JayZ to use his para files.

Overall... Have some respect!!!!!!!!!

First off, thanks to my GF for the extremely big patience on this.
Jay, junka, Reefur, all the ppl at evoweb, Abscroll, and the WE community.

Thanks a lot for all the messages of support in the forums. I read them and i really
appreciate it!!! Hope you enjoy the patchs i've made.

Last, a word about my retirement. Its not one reason, its a lot of things. What made me
angry and sad was there is people waiting for the patch to come out only to sell it, ppl
who dont even play the game and give a rat's shit about any community. Thats been there
all the time but i realized more and more every year is worst.

Thank you guys for the support,

Winning Eleven 10
[Image: winning-eleven-10-cover.jpg]

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (conocido como World Soccer: Winning Eleven 10 en su versión japonesa o Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 en su versión estadounidense) es un videojuego de fútbol que se puso a la venta en el año 2006. Fue el sexto videojuego de la serie Pro Evolution Soccer y, además, fue el primero que se vendió para Nintendo DS.

Winning Eleven 10 (Map WE10)

Map 0_Text Winning Eleven 10 =
Map J_Text Winning Eleven 10 =
Map 0_Sound Winning Eleven 10 =
Map J_Sound Winning Eleven 10 =

Sick R2 equis Triangulo aikido higuita-med dogrun yoshi gol-18 arbitro-roja2
[Image: 51.jpg][Image: juventus.gif]
Winning Eleven & ProEvolutionSoccer & FIFA EA Sports |Option Files|
| We11World | Winning Eleven Games |

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