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Retro Arcade M.A.M.E
 Willow [Capcom Arcade Game]
Willow [Capcom Arcade Game]

Willow is a 1989 arcade game by Capcom.
Capcom published two different games in 1989 based on the 1988 film of the same name. The arcade version is a platform game while the Nintendo Entertainment System version is an action-RPG.

he arcade version of the game belongs to the platform genre. It has six stages, some where Willow plays his part, others where Madmartigan plays his and one of the stages where either character is selectable. The stages consist of Crossroad, Cherlindrea's Forest, Fin Raziel's Island, Sorsha's Camp, Tir Asleen Castle, and Nockmaar Castle. Each stage must be completed within a certain amount of time. Defeated enemies drop coins which the player can collect to buy things at shops. Depending on whether the player is playing as Willow or Madmartigan, either magic blasts or sword swipes are the attacks. Madmartigan's attack has less range than Willow's, but can destroy enemy projectiles. Both can purchase attack upgrades at shops. Madmartigan's upgrades give him greater power and range, while Willow's upgrades are far more versatile. With each upgrade, his regular blasts become more powerful, the actual upgrades being utilized by holding down the attack button and releasing it when the meter at the screen's bottom reaches a certain point. The following are his magical upgrades:

1. Moonlight - sends a crescent shaped blast forward, which splits into smaller beams on impact, damaging enemies in its path.

2. Tornado - sends a tornado shaped blast forward and at a slightly upward angle.

3. Gold - defeats most on-screen regular enemies; the coins they drop are worth twice their normal value.

4. Time - freezes all regular enemies and their projectiles for a few seconds, during which time Willow is invincible (he flashes blue).

5. Explosive - sends cascades of blasts to both forward and back of Willow.

6. Crystal - sends a circular barrier around Willow, damaging enemies in its path; this is the only of Willow's magic that can destroy projectiles.

[Image: Willow_%28arcade_game%29.png]

Download: ---> Desde Willow Capcom Arcade Games

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- Willow (Capcom arcade game) [Wikipedia]
- Romsformame
- M.A.M.E Official Site of the MAME Development Team

Note: M.A.M.E (originally stood for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)

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