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 Kitserver 5.5 Manual
Kitserver 5.5 Manual

Kitserver 5.5 is an add-on program for Pro Evolution Soccer 5, Winning Eleven 9, and Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution. It is a loader and manager for various modules. Kserv Module provides the alternative way of managing players and goalkeeper kits outside of the game's AFS file: you organize the PNG or BMP kit images into an external database, which is basically a collection of folders and files that follows few simple rules. You are not restricted to just 1st and 2nd kit for each team - you can have as many as you like. The BallServer Module does similar things to Kserv: it offers the possibility of chosing a ball from the external database. Of course it is possible to store more than the eight standard balls. Another extension is the Faceserver Module. As the name says, it allows to use more faces and hair from an external database without overwriting existing ones. With StadiumServer, you can choose additional stadiums from your GDB. Furthermore the LOD Mixer Module enables more detailed graphics and controlling of match aspects in Leagues and Cups.

Some additional modules were backported from later versions of Kitserver: Bootserver allows to assign each player personalized boots from GDB. AFS2FS module allows you to organize your patches into folders and files, instead of inserting them into AFS-files. This way, you can quickly add/remove patches, and also never worry about needing to re-build AFS, because of lack of space for a particular BIN. There is also a Speeder module - to alter the game speed (increase/decrease). And the last new addition is the Network module, which provides easy means of configuring which network server to connect to and automatic roster updates.


As usual: copy the entire kitserver folder into your game folder, so that the directory structure looks like this:
[Image: install.jpg]

Go to kitserver folder and run setup.exe. The "PES5.exe" in the drop-down list should be pre-selected, so just press "Install" button. The kitserver should show a message box saying that the installation was successful. (If you get an error message, make sure that you not currently running the game, and that the PES5.exe file is not marked as read-only)

For information how to disable/re-enable individual modules, see "Advanced Configuration" at the bottom of the manua
Quote:# Loader configuration file

debug = 1
gdb.dir = ".\"

reserved.memory = 500000000

DLL.num = 16
DLL.0 = "kitserver\zlib1.dll"
DLL.1 = "kitserver\libpng13.dll"
DLL.2 = "kitserver\kserv.dll"
#DLL.2 = "kitserver\kserv-shpal.dll"
DLL.3 = "kitserver\bserv.dll"
DLL.4 = "kitserver\fserv.dll"
DLL.5 = "kitserver\lodmixer.dll"
DLL.6 = "kitserver\stadium.dll"
DLL.7 = "kitserver\dxtools.dll"
DLL.8 = "kitserver\bootserv.dll"
DLL.9 = "kitserver\clock.dll"
DLL.10 = "kitserver\bzip2.dll"
DLL.11 = "kitserver\libarchive2.dll"
DLL.12 = "kitserver\libcurl.dll"
DLL.13 = "kitserver\network.dll"
DLL.14 = "kitserver\speeder.dll"
DLL.15 = "kitserver\afs2fs.dll"

# DirectX options
dx.force-SW-TnL = 0
dx.emulate-HW-TnL = 0
#dx.fullscreen.width = 1280
#dx.fullscreen.height = 800

# Game's internal resolution
internal.resolution.width = 0
internal.resolution.height = 0


Go to kitserver folder and run setup.exe. The "PES5.exe" in the drop-down list should be pre-selected. (Select it, if not so). Press "Remove" button. The kitserver should show a message box saying that the uninstallation was successful. You can now delete the whole kitserver folder, if you want. (Or you can leave it there - it won't do any harm, and you'll be able to quickly re-enable kitserver later, if you run setup again and press "Install" button.)

Strip Selection and 2.5D kits

In order to provide a visual reference for currently selected GDB kits (including extra kits), these so-called "2.5D" kits are overlayed on top of the KONAMIs mini-kits. The name originated from the fact that these are 2Dkits, but they are built with the real textures that are used in the match. Here's a screenshot:
[Image: stripsel-pl.jpg]

(When the team doesn't have the kits in GDB, the original KONAMI mini-kits will still be visible.)

You can switch between 1st/2nd kits as before - using your keyboard or gamepad - whatever you have configured. In order to get to the extra kits, press "O" button - to enter "Change Setup" mode. The little yellow arrows will now move the individual parts of the kit, signalling that you can start mixing individual parts. This is all standard game functionality - you don't need to press any special hotkeys to activate that.

Now comes the Kitserver new feature: by switching to different shirt(shorts,socks) you will now be cycling through all available parts, and not just 1st and 2nd choices. In version 5.2.3 you can now cycle in both directions.

It is also possible to set goalkeepers kits. There are now 2 modes of kit selection: "Player mode" and "Goalkeepers mode". You can switch between them by pressing [Tab] key. For goalkeeper, choose the kits the same way as you did for the players. As with player kits, you can mix the parts, if you go into the "Change Setup" mode.
[Image: stripsel-gk.jpg]

Right under the kit preview additional information is displayed. Since there is not enough space, these are split in some pages between which you can switch withe the [PAGE UP] and [PAGE DOWN] keys. On the picture you can see the page called "Kit information". It shows the names of the selected kit parts which can be specified with the "description" attribute. The name is used for all kit parts in that folder. If nothing is specified the foldername will be used or in case of the four standard kits (pa, pb, ga and gb) the name "Standard [Home/Away]". As you can see this display is the second one in standard configuration, so you have to switch to it before.
[Image: kitinfo.jpg]

Ball selection
Start the game just as usual. When you come to Strip Selection, you will see a new text under the mini-kits saying "Ball: game choice" by default. In this case, you will recognize no change when playing as the ball you selected in the options will be used. Now comes the new feature: press B on your keyboard to select the next ball (or V to cycle back). The text will change into "Ball: <name configured in map.txt>" and if everything is well-configured, you will play with that ball. To choose a random ball, press R and to reset the ball to game choice press C. Under the text you can see a 3D preview. It doesn't need any configuration or additional files in the GDB as it is created from the texture and the model file defined in your map.txt.
[Image: ballsel.jpg]

FaceServer Module
4.1 Introduction
Faceserver is similar to Kitserver and Ballserver, making it possible to load as much extra faces and extra hair from the GDB as you want. Thanks to some changes to the internal logic (again), faceserver doesn't have any more problems with cut-scenes (such as substitutions) and edit mode. Please notice that faceserver depends on the player ids. As these aren't saved with replays and a team you can export from the master league, it can't work in these situations. A new module to fix this is already under development, but not finished yet.
4.2 How to use

As a result of the changes you can go to edit mode now to see how the faces look. In fact you should do this before and after inserting a new face as there are three new displays at the upper right.
[Image: faceseditmode.jpg]
The sample face of David Villa was made by Chris79. The player's id is the one that you can also find in PlayerList.txt and that is needed to configure in map.txt. To add a face to this player, remember the id and go to your GDB\faces folder. Copy the face there (extract it before to a bin file if you downloaded a zip file!) and open the map.txt with notepad. Add a new line after the sample, using the format given in the comment in the upper part (the player's id followed by the filename in double quotes). The filename is relative to "GDB\faces", so you can use subfolders (for facepacks or the different teams, or what you like). In the Ballserver manual you find an example for that. That's it. When play the game now, the player will have the face you assigned. To check this, go back to edit mode and look at the top. When you select a player with a new face, the filename is displayed. Don't worry about the fact that the face is not shown when you edit a player. This just shows that it is not saved in your optionfile. In the game you will see it properly.

Modes of operation

During the Strip Selection screen, you will see a text showing the currently selected stadium (or stadium mode), and 4 new hotkeys will be activated: [7],[8],[9],[0]:
[Image: selected.jpg]


Programming: juce, Robbie
Game reversing and analysis: juce, Robbie, Kingsley813
Testing: biker_jim_uk, ntalex, Gwidon, nt89, galagan, Vladis LOVE and many others from Evo-Web and PesWe forums
Stadium Server GDB organization and "home team stadium" idea: Gwidon
Information about stadiums in AFS: nt89
Kits: Spark, kel, qiankun.
Balls: DAMned.
Ball models: Ariel, Gwidon.
Face: Chris79.
HD Face: anffs.
"Saturn Ramenskoye" stadium: Asiat
"Santiago Bernabeu" stadium: Gwidon

GitHub Source:

[Image: 51.jpg][Image: juventus.gif]
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Impresionante  Smile
Sirve para PS2?
(11-01-2019, 03:25 AM)Coppamx Wrote: Impresionante  Smile
Sirve para PS2?

el Kitserver es para las versiones de PC

[Image: 51.jpg][Image: juventus.gif]
Winning Eleven & ProEvolutionSoccer & FIFA EA Sports |Option Files|
| We11World | Winning Eleven Games |
Lo pude instalar y ahora todos los uniformes están correctos pero tengo una duda se pueden cambiar y es difícil hacer un kit actualizado con la temporada 2020…?
(06-03-2020, 01:45 AM)Raid-x Wrote: Lo pude instalar y ahora todos los uniformes están correctos pero tengo una duda se pueden cambiar y es difícil hacer un kit actualizado con la temporada 2020…?

Se puede intercambiar los kits de PEs6, We10 inclusive creo que les sirve el formato de PEs2008, todo depende de la version del template kit

Hacer un kit... bueno, esa pregunta te la resumo asi:

- Es facil hacer el kit, lo que necesitas en aprender Photoshop un programa de manipulacion de imagenes.
- Si no sabes que es una imagen: (RGB), Indexada, sino sabes convertir un (JPG a PNG) o (BMP a PNG) te va ser muy dificil crear un kit porque todo eso es de Photoshop, asi que crear un kit es facil, lo dificil es saber que nivel de manejar Photoshop tienes, eso ya depende de tus habilidades, las habilidades de cada editor son diferentes.

Inclusive... se pueden exportar al formato de we2002 o se pueden intercambiar KITS entre versiones o inclusive se puede crear desde 0 el kit con templates PSD

[Image: tex-kits-pes.png]
[Image: 51.jpg][Image: juventus.gif]
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