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 Herramienta Visualizar Uniformes (Camisetas) We2002
Herramienta Visualizar Uniformes (Camisetas) We2002 Winning Eleven 2002 por Guarazinho
[Image: Captura-de-pantalla-2019-05-21-a-la-s-4-58-58-p-m.png]

Jersey Joyer ( We2k2 Jersey Texture Previewer )

-Pra que ele serve?

Para vizualizar os uniformes, tanto de jogador quanto de goleiro.

- Ele edita algo nos uniformes?

R: Não, é apenas para vizualizar antes de colocar no jogo!

Fiquem com uma prévia do programa e logo abaixo


Download: Desde este Attachment Post

Jersey Joyer (We2k2 Jersey Texture Previewer)


June 20th 2003  Version 3.0

-Finally, Add GoalKeeper support (with/without captain armband)

-After a bunch of test, this version still uses non-interpolation (NEAREST) color sampling texture mapping
or there might be some crack in the middle of the long sleeves

-Finish the interface

June 18th 2003  Version 2.0

-Fixed the socks bug and the back shirts bug (Thank Arakin!)

-Add sleeves support (both short and long)

-Add captain armband display support

-Set "Rotation" as one control for jersey (Because normal player and GK will have their own rotation)

-Fixed a lot of minor bugs

This version is still use a Bmp-Reader which could only handle the standard 24bit bmp (R8G8B8)

The recommend generation of the bmp file is using Photoshop to save bmp as 24-bit bmp


-Decompress the archive£¨you should find Jersey Joyer.exe and glut32.dll and two sub-directories:
Data and Images.

-Data\texture.ini  have following lines as parameters

line1   2  Number of textures applied in this application, DON'T change this.
line2   jersey.bmp  The texture of the shirts of players, size must be 128 x 128
line2   sleeve.bmp  The texture of the sleeves of players, size also must be 128 x 128

Please make sure there exist two bmps as the aboce names to be used in the application°£

-After you start running this application, you will see two sets of jerseys on the screen

-The operation

View Control
    Angle           Set the location of the camera
   Distance       Set the distance between the camera and the focus (Jerseys)

Normal Player Control

    Rotation       Control the rotation of the normal player jersey
    Captain Band   Set to show the captain armband
    Long Sleeve     Set to show the long sleeves style jersey

Goal Keeper Control  

    Rotation       Control the rotation of the normal player jersey
    Captain Band   Set to show the captain armband

P.S. Maybe I should use "jerseies" instead of "jerseys", but I've no idea which one is correct...
    Please correct my mistake(s) and I will be very glad to know it (them) Smile


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